Amazeballs! Let's get our frenemies blootered!

Yesterday, the Collins Online Dictionary added more than 80 new entries - effectively christening each of them as official English words. That's right, you can use them in Scrabble now!

The words included amazeballs (excellent), frenemy (friend who is also a rival) and blootered (Scottish dialect for drunk).

Many of the new words are portmanteaus, or words that are combinations of two or more other words. This is something we're very fond off here at Stone Junction Towers, with smopinion being an in-house favourite. That's our opinion of how someone or something smells - based on appearance alone by the way.

Of course, there are plenty of new words, phrases and acronyms entering technical use all the time. The last 12 to 24 months or so have seen BYOD, big data and smartcity all become common while phrases like 'internet of things' have been revived from more than a decade ago.

Or, if you fancy something a bit more esoteric, you could go for 'pokemon question', 'egyption brackets' or 'higgs-bugson'.

I'm curious to know what your favourite new words are - technical, IT or engineering focused or just funny, general new words you use in day to day language. And I also want to know your smopinion of them...

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