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Technical PR and social media integration
Facebook aims to act link the
whole internet together,
including your website
Facebook, one of the stalwart pillars of social media, is an immensely useful tool in the arsenal of any business. Now a checklist from Social Media Examiner provides 10 quick steps to wholly incorporate Facebook functionality into a website.

The level of social-media integration offered by the internet can sometimes be intimidating. Should I add a “Like” button? What, exactly, is an RSS feed? If I re-tweet a link to this subreddit can I hashtag it and share it to my circles on Google+?


Thankfully the steps provided by Social Media Examiner offer clear, concise instructions on how to use many of the tools that Facebook provides.

Crucially though, it also provides information on why such tools and plugins are useful. One of the greatest challenges to social media integration for those not immersed in it is why such measures should be taken and what effect they will have. Thankfully this is covered as well, with the article quoting an average, “300% increase in referral traffic” for sites featuring Facebook integration.

While tips like how to add a “like” button or a comments section to a webpage are undeniably useful, the question remains as to whether this degree of integration is a good thing overall.

If the huge dip in the stock value of social-game company Zynga is anything to go by, changes to Facebook itself can have huge impacts on those associated with it. Not only that, companies should be wary of creating the type of closed-ecology that Facebook is supporting. As always it’s a case of not concentrating solely on one distribution platform but spreading the load equally. That way, if something goes wrong on one site, there are always backups.

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Peter Swanson said...

Facebook is an immensely useful tool in the arsenal of any business". I think it's de rigueur for B2C, but I have yet to see any real success stories for B2B.