Twitter, the home of free speech... or is it?

Most of us these days have jumped off the Facebook wagon and hopped on the Twitter train. Here at Stone Junction we fully appreciate how important Twitter is, not only for media purposes but for building contacts too. Yet when we think of Twitter, we think freedom of speech, fun and our own little personal opinion feed. Our thought squeezed in the 140 character format on a very regular basis for most of us.

Free speech endangered on Twitter?
But has Twitter damaged its glowing reputation? Well, we think it may have. Twitter blocked the account use of Independent reporter; Guy Adams for his critical piece about the NBC’s coverage of the London Olympics.

Adams posted on Twitter the corporate email address of an NBC executive (which he found on Google). This action was apparently violating Twitter policy against posting private email accounts. Shortly before Adams was due to appear on the air to defend himself and state there is no rule against posting coroperate email addresses, Twitter un-blocked his account and let him back on.

Twitter has recently entered into a deal with NBC Universal which resulted in Twitter becoming the official narrator of live events at the Olympics – suspicious, no?

So, do we now need to be a little more careful about what we say? Are we going to get sued or our Twitter accounts blocked if we say that the England squad can’t take penalties – something we are all too familiar with - sorry to drag up such painful memories. We all have opinions and enjoy using Twitter for the freedom  it allows us to throw thought snippets at the world. From telling the world you ate an amazing steak tonight to moaning about a hard day at the office, it can all be distilled into 140 characters. 

We all know how important it is to keep a certain level of decorum when on Twitter but expressing criticism is a right that should be allowed to all users. Take that away from us and what have you got? Not a whole lot and not a whole lot of Twitter either.

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