SEO Mondays: Using the new SEO functionality in Blogger

Changes to Blogger
Many of you will have noticed that there have been a few notable changes in Blogger enabling better search engine optimisation. Making sure your content is accurately indexed so that it appears correctly in search results is valuable, especially when blogging for your business. So today we’ll have look at these new features and see how you can maximise the SEO potential of your posts.

The first change comes in the form of a Search Preferences Button. Clicking it will display three sub-sections: Meta Tags, Errors and Redirections, Crawlers & Indexing. When enabled, some of these features, such as Search Description and Custom robots header tags will also appear in the Post Settings area of Blogger's post editor as well.

The description box allows users to write a synopsis of the current post or even a description of the blog as a whole. Completing this field, even with a short sentence on what this blog post is about will help with your SEO efforts.

Another important functionality is the Location field. Just put in your company’s postcode or address and click Done. This is particularly useful when potential clients are searching for 'Blue widgets manufacturer in Manchester'. Your site will come up higher in Google serach than other lerger international competitor's -  and will direct local leads to your blog.

Last but not least, you can also edit the inbound links in your post. There is a “rel=nofollow” link attribute in the link tool. Ticking this box means that you don’t want this link to be considered when web crawlers are searching for information required to index your page. 

If you need help with enabling these features in Blogger, just give us a ring and one of our social media experts will be able to advise you on that.
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