Why do we even need technical marketing?

By Boris Sedacca

Do we need technical marketing?
This lady looks a bit 'marketingy'
I saw a great cartoon recently. A bunch of engineers are chatting and one says: “Why do we even need marketing? They just make everything dumb.” Another engineer agrees: “Man, you’re right! Let’s start a company where products are designed, built and marketed by engineers,” to the delight of the rest of the group present. 

The next frame cuts to a billboard hoarding showing a gadget with the heading: “Introducing MagnaTablet.” Under the heading are the words: “If the user interface is confusing, it’s because you’re stupid.” Engineers do not always appreciate the need to win friends and influence people.

As an engineer it made me wince but I must admit it also made me laugh. We engineers can be our own worst enemies. We build something that we ourselves can use without effort, and then wonder why on earth nobody else gets it.

Alan Sugar is famously quoted as saying he has “never come across an engineer that can turn his hand to business.” Engineers are sceptical about advertising. They avoid bells and whistles and prefer charts and graphs. This is explained in more detail by Gaebler, whose post attracted interesting comments from both a lay person and an engineer.

It would be unfair to tar all engineers with the same brush: they are not all terrible marketers and some of the best MBAs come from an engineering background. So to conclude, I am putting a link here to a Dilbert cartoon, which may have a ring of truth to it. It also attracted many comments. Enjoy!

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