What is brand journalism?

By Richard Stone

Brand journalism for technical, engineering and industrial companies
Making notes, a bit like journalism
Those of you who keep up with marketing industry Blogs will have come across a new buzz phrase in the last six to twelve months; ‘brand journalism’.

For us it’s a hugely exciting concept in marketing, not least because it gives a name to what we’ve been doing for some time.

Brand journalism is the process of engaging a company or in house expert to write about your business as if they were a third party reporter from a traditional earned media outlet, such as a trade magazine or newspaper.

The idea is summed up really well by David Meerman Scott, a US based online marketing strategist, “Brand Journalism is when any organization – a B2B company, consumer products, company, the military, nonprofits, government agencies, churches, rock bands, solo entrepreneurs – creates valuable information and shares it with the world,” he writes. “Brand Journalism is not a product pitch. It is not an advertorial. It is not an egotistical spewing of gobbledygook-laden corporate drivel.”

For us brand journalism encompasses blogging, web site content, e-mail marketing and newsletter content, video production, traditional media relations, copywriting and social media. Actually it encompasses nearly everything that involves dipping ones virtual quill into electronic ink and producing written or visual content. 

Key to the notion of brand journalism is the idea that you can self-publish much of what you write on electronic media outlets that you own; such as your web site, blog or social media platforms.

A crucial part of this idea is that there is never, ever enough content. If you are currently blogging once a month, consider stepping up to once a week. If you are blogging once a week, why not set the ambitious target of once a day? Isaac Asimov said that, ‘if the doctor told me I had six minutes to live; I'd type a little faster’.

So don’t delay, type faster. Or, if you don’t have time to type, get in touch with Stone Junction and let us do the typing for you. We have specialised brand journalism offerings for technical, engineering, scientific and industrial companies and we don’t really care if it’s a buzzword – we’ve been doing it for years.

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