Taming the cookie monster

By Richard Stone

You may have read about, and been confused by, Cookie Law recently - especially if you are involved in the management of your company’s web site. If you haven’t you should be aware that the law covers the cookies your site leaves on the computers of its visitors. It's not a directive intended to regulate the behaviour of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

A less scary version of a cookie monster 
The chances are, you will be either panicking about compliance or serenely disregarding the whole idea until you find out whether the ruling has any teeth or not. But the chances are, both responses are overreactions.

I would recommend starting with a little bit of background reading. Ki Media has an interesting piece on its Blog about compliance, which should serve to relax the most tense among you.

As one would expect, Google AdWords guru Chris Rand has also commented on the subject in his own Blog, which you can read here. He points to a quite useful compliance tool as well.

Finally, it would be well worth investing ten minutes in reading New Brand Vision’s post by Tim de Paris, explaining how Decibel, the company’s own CMS, can provide EU Cookie compliance.

We’re particularly fond of the last of these links because the team at New Brand Vision have a Jack Russell called Ozzie that’s very similar to our own Jack Russell Indie. So, unless you are afraid of terriers, there’s no reason to fear the cookie monster anymore ;-)

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