Jim Pinto bids farewell to automation Blogging

Jim Pinto and technical PR
Jim Pinto. Not Richard Stone.
By Richard Stone

Last week US automation industry authority Jim Pinto announced that he is going to stop publishing the public's comments on his Blogs about the big eight automation companies. Although he is going to continue expressing his own opinion, this neverhtless represents a sad loss to the world of writing about automation. That said, Pinto seems to have founded his decision on good motives.

The automation writer says that in relatively doom mongering times the posts were largely resulting in quite negative comments. “With very little in the way of positive results, I am stopping these automation company weblogs,” he explained.

The news was originally delivered to me via Nick Denbow’s excellent Industrial Automation Insider Blog which is undoubtedly worth subscribing to if you don’t already. In fact, I’d say that if you are serious about the automation industry it’s essential reading.

Interestingly, Denbow concluded his own comment on Pinto by saying, “It is significant that while frequently suggesting to the managers, and even PR people during INSIDER interviews, that maybe they should consider writing something positive about their company, like an opinion piece or a thumbnail sketch of their objectives, for publication in the INSIDER (provided it seems to be coherent and sensible, not just an advert): there has been no rush to take-up this opportunity.”

Speaking as a PR person, I’m genuinely stunned. I’m constantly asked why there aren’t more good blogs about automation when I meet prospective clients. Maybe this is your answer.

(By the way, Industrial Automation Insider also publishes a paid for version of the title, which contains much, much more content than the Blog. You can find it here.)

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