Do you need professionals to handle your corporate social media?

Once upon a time, the only way a company could get their content out into the world was through an established production organization such as publishers and production companies.  These organisations, restricted by process and red tape, were paid to act as the company’s microphone and project the message to its target audience.

But society now lives in the digital era. Everyone is, or at least is capable of being, immersed in technology that allows them to integrate with and directly connect to, their customers. These technologies include social media, Blogging, e-mail marketing, written web content, Podcasting, video and plenty more.

Corporations have the ability to access consumers through many
different channels of electronic communciation

Facebook is the third largest community in the world, after China and the USA, while Twitter has over 300 million registered accounts. So with business having access to all this at its finger tips, social media communications must be a piece of cake right?

Well, not necessarily.

By-passing the media production organisations removes the vetting process, enabling an explosion of online content, both good and bad.  Now businesses are not only concerned with getting their voice out there, but getting their voice heard. We’ve recently written two blogs, Blogger gets even more search friendly and Google’s brilliant Blogger SEO amends – part two, which are aimed at helping our readers not get lost in the crowd.

You can’t just say whatever you want to whoever you want. With all those ears out there, businesses need to ensure they are communicating the right things to the right people to help ensure they are listening.  This interesting blog post, Top 5 most common blogger outreach mistakes and how to avoid them, highlights how the steps to doing this may not be as simple as you think. It guides you round the pitfalls many users stumble into.

Volume doesn’t necessarily mean amplification. You’ve followed the social media guidelines and perfected your metaphorical roar - you’re at the top of the search engine results, have gained hundreds of ‘likes’ and have ample LinkedIn connections. But even then, you may be missing a key part of the equation; none of this has tangible meaning unless people are taking what you say on board. One way to achieve this is through engaging content.  The following blog post, An email newsletter to inspire, outlines the pleasure one reader has in receiving light-hearted emails from a personable corporation.

It is not a cliché when I say social media and electronic communications are on-going processes of two-way engagement - it is the reality. When used properly social media can leverage great consumer-corporate relationships. However, poor use can also backfire. If you don’t understand the mechanics behind this evolving phenomenon, or you do but don’t have the time to invest, perhaps you should look to the professionals to handle your corporate social media.

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