Blogger gets even more search friendly

Blogger gets technical PR and SEO friendly
Blogger gets technical PR and SEO friendly
Recently Blogger has introduced a set of brilliant changes that make the platform even more suitable for business Blogging purposes.

The first of these is the introduction of a simple way to add a Meta description tag to the site and to individual posts. Historically, this was achieved by messing around with the code in an untidy, workaround way.  

Why would you want Meta description tags?
Unlike Meta keyword tags, which don’t have any purpose – no matter what your expensive CMS developer will tell you, the Meta description tag has a genuine reason for being. It determines what Google displays in its search results, underneath the link to your site. This is true in most cases at least, although there are exceptions, but that’s a discussion for another day.  

How to add Meta description tags to a Blogger Blog
You can access this new function via the Search preferences option under the Settings tab in your Blogger dashboard. Clicking it will display three sub-sections: Meta Tags, Errors and Redirections, and Crawlers and Indexing.

For today's purposes, you need to sub-select, 'meta tags'. Doing so will display a dialogue box into which you can type a Meta description tag for the Blog itself – not for individual pages. You can create Meta description tags for individual posts in the ‘post settings’ area of Blogger's post editor.

All you have to do in either case is type in the 150 characters that you think would compel someone encountering your blog post in SERPs to click on the link and navigate through to your page.

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