An unkindness of rooks, an exaltation of larks; what’s the collective noun for some media moves?

If there’s one thing we like here at Stone Junction it’s an unusual collective noun. Like an ‘unkindness of rooks’, or an ‘exaltation of larks’. We’re also fond of a ‘murder of crows’ and a ‘pandemonium of parrots’.

Actually, I say that, we’re also really keen on a good media-moves roundup. So much so that we often wonder what the correct collective noun for a group of media moves is. So, if there are two things we like, it a good collective noun and a media-moves round up.

Now, I say those are the only two things we’re fond of. We also like weekends. As it’s Friday (or a Saturday, depending on whether you are reading this on the blog or in the e-mail) we’re evidently very happy people.

So, combining the three things we really like, here’s Friday ‘chinwag of media moves’. Or maybe it should be a ‘natter of media moves’? Or a ‘blether of media moves’?

Sigh. Here are the media moves...

Chemistry World's features editor, Dr Nina Notman, is leaving her post on 5 March. Notman will be working as a freelance journalist #BestOfLuck

Datateam Business Media's Connecting Industry (, the online hub for a portfolio of industrial publications has been completely re-engineered and will re-launched #WorthASquizz

Alan Franck has been appointed as editor of HazardEx and Hazardous Area International #SafePairOfHandsOnHazards

Midlands-based publisher, Viva Healthcare Publishing has acquired Hospital Management, Now for Hospitals and InControl from Healthcare Publications (Europe) Ltd #Growing

CBS Interactive has launched the UK edition of TechRepublic, the largest community of IT leaders on the web. Steve Ranger, former editor of, has been appointed editor of TechRepublic UK. He is joined by’s former senior reporter Nick Heath who has been appointed chief reporter, and Toby Wolpe who will be managing editor #Community

Finlayson Media Communications has launched a new dentistry magazine named Dental Hygiene and Therapy. It publishes eight times a year, targets hygienists and therapists and covers new dental products, innovations and clinical protocols #Smile!

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Boris said...

As a journalist, I think I can get away with this one: how about 'a guzzle of journalists'? Or 'a shmooze of PR'?