How to humor the Brits without antagonising the Yanks

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As you will no doubt know, the people who live on the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean can’t speak English properly. This is true whether you are American or British. 

(If you are neither American nor British, you can relax and watch the fireworks at this point).

As technical PR and marketing people, we have to understand both versions of this wonderful, dirty, mellifluous language that we share. Not least because we will probably have to convince, compel and cajole someone who speaks the other version of our tongue at some point in our careers.

An interesting post on the PR Newswire Blog highlights some of the key differences between the ways we use language on each side of the pond. And it also mentions Winnie the Pooh, which probably makes it worth reading in and of itself...

And, if that weren’t enough, it’s also worth stopping off on one of our older blogs which highlights the differences between the English and American press release. Next time you are preparing a story for use on the other side of the pond, its well worth bearing in mind how they format a release as well as the differences between the languages.

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Boris said...

As a journalist, I think I can get away with this one: how about 'a guzzle of journalists'? Or 'a shmooze of PR'?

Boris said...

I think I posted my last comment here in correctly.