Why your 2012 SEO resolution should be to be nicer to people!

Tecnical PR and being nice
Nice as pie... See, 'nice' - geddit?

All links are good links right? Everyone knows that. Links are the currency of the internet; they’re its voting mechanism and ranking tool. 

Well, it seems that maybe they aren’t. This post, from the SEOMoz Blog suggests that links from pages that express negative emotion, particularly negative emotion about your brand, can do your SEO campaign serious damage.

Google has always used context to analyse the relevance of the page from which you receive your link. Now it seems that it also uses contextual and semantic analysis to analyse the sentiment of the page.

This has clear implications for consumer businesses – especially restaurants, musicians and writers for instance; who are all likely to be reviewed and thus have positive and negative sentiments expressed about them.

But what about industrial businesses? Surely we don’t have negative reviews?

Well, the reality is we do. There are plenty of Blogs and forums out there on the net, specifically about your industry. You only have to open your eyes to find them.

So, if you want to make a list of 2012 SEO New Year’s resolutions, perhaps taking action to generative positive, and avoid negative, reviews should be on there.

Further proof that generally being nice helps in the world of technical and engineering marketing!

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