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YouTube: YouSeful!
Everybody hates the new version of YouTube don’t they? The received wisdom is that it’s not intuitive, it makes marketing harder and it’s much more difficult to find the videos of cats playing the piano that we all want to see.

Well, the received wisdom is nonsense. The new YouTube is every bit as beneficial to businesses and technical PR practitioners as the old one. In fact more so; and you can get the main points from this useful article by James Wedmore on Social Media Examiner.

To summarise, you will need to re-build and re-optimise your profile as most of the old content (excluding the videos) is likely to be gone.

Furthermore, the new YouTube home page is much more like a social feed, alerting you to what your friends and contacts have been doing, rather than simply pointing out the latest Rebecca Black video.

Finally, there is a new, and quite brilliant, analytics package in place.

However, there are a couple of really useful points that the Social Media Examiner article misses.

The first is that you can now add anything to your feed, in the same way that you could once issue bulletins to your subscribers. So, you can put your blog updates there, add your press releases; basically anything you want. This makes it much easier to get social if you don’t have lots of video content.

The second benefit is that it’s now much easier to link from your YouTube page to other locations. You can add as many links as you want from your profile to your other web properties, although I imagine that the more you add the less Google juice each one offers. You can also provide text for each link to create more valuable anchor text.

So, all in all, it might be harder to find funny videos of cats, but it’s much easier to market yourself. Well done YouTube.

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