An unusual way to generate images for use in advertising, online or e-mail A very good place
to visit on the Inter-Super-Highway 
It’s not easy finding an unusual way of representing a line of text in an interesting and eye catching way. There are only so many fonts around for us technical PR folk to take advantage of, after all.

One way of creating an attention grabbing image is to use The fundamental premise of the Web site is that users can post online the things they are willing to do for, well, five quid basically.

At this point, be warned, there are one of two things on the site that aren’t suitable for work. However, due to FiveSquids own terms and conditions, users can’t post offers based on any of the usual things we all like to avoid in polite society.

So, back to communicating your message in an unusual way; the offers on include:
There are loads more. It’s fun and it’s throw away but it could easily work at very low cost in a piece of e-mail marketing.

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