SOPA blackout a damp squib?

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You might have heard that the Internet is blacking out today, to protest against SOPA (the United State’s Stop Online Piracy Act). Sites like Wikipedia and Reddit are returning a ‘blackout page’ instead of regular results until 3pm today. 

They are protesting because they believe that the extent of the SOPA legislation could make their businesses unworkable in the US.

However, over the weekend, SOPA was dealt a major blow as the legislation was delayed until ‘outstanding concerns’ have been addressed. So the protest seems like a bit of a damp squib to me, something that might have been better saved until after the vote on the legislation was rescheduled.

Furthermore, the blackout isn’t going to bring the world to its knees. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ aren’t participating and they could all be affected. Maybe if they were, the world would take more notice.

In all seriousness, SOPA could fundamentally undermine the online activity of anyone who has links on their own website or other online property that lead to a third party website. My feeling is that SOPA could create all sorts of problems, even for those of us who aren’t based in the US.

Incidentally, if you want to participate in the blackout, you can do so here.

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Justice said...

Totally agree with these comments. The major player aren't all involved in this at present, so I suspect that the Wili outage will be soon forgotten by the many...

Remco Tensen said...

Except that they ARE -HIGHLY- involved in this.http://www.netcoalition.comALL of them are in this NetCoalition coalition, including alot of mayor brands who're not specifically linked to the online world, like say Adidas: 3M, Adidas, amazon, AOL, Bloomberg LP, Burberry, CVS, eBay, Etsy, Expedia, facebook, foursquare, GoDaddy, Google, IAC, internet marketing, linkedin, mozilla, netcoalition, News Corp [fox], Open DNS, PayPal, Twitter, Wikimedia, Yahoo, zynga, just to name a few.[not sure if microsoft itself has officially joined it though, but some of its brands already did]But not all of the NetCoalition members joined today's blackout action.Although some have changed their websites to show their support.Today's protests is an own initiative thing.The first vote [for PIPA] is next week. So many Reddit, NetCoalition and group independend players decided to do something publically today.But this isn't the first public protest action surrounding PIPA and SOPA.Remember 'Mozilla day' that started this whole blackout business?That's just one example.
The NetCoalition with Markham C. Erickson as its spokesman and legal representative is deeply involved in this and they have already booked a few successes.