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Domains in a big pile. Like they often are.
As of today businesses around the globe can register nearly any word as their domain extension (the bit after the first dot in your web address).

So, we could now see www.pepsi.pepsi or www.siemens.siemens appearing in our Internet browsers - both examples of generic top level domains (gTLDs).

However, the snag is the $185,000 dollar registration cost, which will certainly be prohibitive.

Stone Junction certainly won't be going for a .technical PR any time soon!

We presume though that this would be a killer tactic for SEO. After all, what better way to tell a search engine that you're serious than spending nearly two hundred big ones on your chosen keyword?

But the fact remains, what's the point? I think the next decade is more likely to see a move away from domain extensions entirely than the process of them getting more complex beginning in earnest.

After all, what's easier to remember - or ABB.ABB?

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