A beginner’s guide to link building

 Lots of people understand that the first rule of SEO is to generate high quality links pointing to your own website. Search engines think of each link as a vote in favour of your page, which they take into account when creating search engine results pages (SERPS). A large amount of links should ensure increased traffic and, as a result, more sales inquiries.  So, here are three ways of getting inbound links:

1.    Link from properties you own like Facebook company pages, LinkedIn or other websites
2.    Links from directories
3.    Links from other places, like people’s blogs, websites and social media properties. This is the best way of getting highly ranked, valuable links.

Lots of SEO ‘consultants’ will tell you that reciprocal links are the answer to all of your search problems. The truth is they don’t really work as well as you would like them to and can even be frowned upon by search engines.

It is important to consider whether you are talking follow or no follow links. If they are no follow links, then search engines will not take them into account, but individuals might. So you might still see an increase in traffic.

The anchor text on which a link is based is another useful tool. Embedded links, like this one ‘SEO for technical companies’, are much more valuable than links that take the form of a URL, like this http://www.stonejunction.co.uk/seo.htm. You should also think relevance - a link from a page about cheap blue widgets to your cheap blue widgets page will be more valuable than a link to the same page from a general web directory!

Another method of getting links to your company website is finding and offering to replace links to defunct pages on other people’s websites. These pages are ‘dead’ because the URLs they were taking you to no longer exist. Finding these pages, contacting the page owner and offering to replace the dead link with a link to your page can be both helpful to them and useful for your own SEO efforts.  Here is a free piece of software that will help you find dead links.

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