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The future of advertising?
In one of our previous blogs we were enthusing about QR codes in technical PR and marketing and how fun they are to use (Not to mention useful for B2B marketing - Ed). We have just received a letter inviting Stone Junction to add our clients to the Industrial Technology QR code directory. Although we don’t normally promote advertising offers from magazines on our Blog, we think this one is worth a minute’s applause.

To our knowledge this is the first time a trade magazine has put QR codes to good use, especially in print. Because the number of smart phones used for business has increased constantly in the last few years, we believe that this could be part of the future of print advertising. Basically, QR codes offer, in a limited amount of space, all the information potential clients need in order to contact and access an organisation’s website. That said, they don’t have to – you can pretty much include any kind of information you want, although space is limited.

The rise of QR represents another move towards the advertising audience receiving marketing and advertising material only when actively opting to do so. After all, taking your mobile phone out of your bag or pocket and scanning a squiggly code to find out what hides behind it, is proof enough that you want to learn more about a certain company and its products.

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