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Earlier this week, we attended a fascinating CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) seminar entitled 'The Power of the Press'. Delivered by Plant & Works Engineering's own Aaron Blutstein, the session covered the needs of journalists and us technical PR folk can best meet the.

Aaron said a fair few interesting things, one of which was that the time will come soon enough when trade publishers will give their readership free tablet computers on which to read their magazines because it will be cheaper than printing.

Nonsense, cried some of the less illuminated members of the audience.

But do the math, as our cousins across the pond would say.

Tablets will be as cheap as laptops soon. You can buy one laptop for about £200 these days and I would be willing to bet that fleets would come for three quarters of that. So, let's presume tablets will be that cheap inside three years.

Let's also presume you are a publisher like Blutstein's DFA. One reader might well receive both Aaron's magazine and one of Drives & Controls or Hydraulics & Pneumatics (or even all three).

So, given that DFA has an ABC audited circulation on all its magazines, you are probably printing, packaging and sending 24 magazines a year to many of your readers.

Let's say a typical subscriber stays on the list for three years - longer if they don't change jobs as frequently as the average senior engineer.

That 72 magazines printed, packaged and posted to our mythical reader. The postage and packaging alone isn't far off half the future cost of a tablet PC when bought as part of a fleet.

So, I'm looking forward to my free tablet. I'll have an iPad please!

On to the media moves:

National media
The Economist has appointed James Astill as energy and environment editor, based in London. Astill was previously based in Delhi as the South Asia correspondent, writing on countries of the Indian sub-continent.

Andrew Parker has been appointed Aerospace Correspondent for the Financial Times. Prior to this role Andrew was the Telecoms Editor for paper.

Roger Highfield is leaving his role as Editor of New Scientist to join the National Museum of Science and Industry as a Director of External Affairs. Sumit Paul-Choudhury, currently Online Editor, will become Editor of New Scientist on 21st November, responsible for print, web and tablet editions.

Trade and technical press
New Electronics has launched a digital edition, including links to company websites, videos, whitepapers and relevant news and technology articles on the New Electronics website.

Peebles Media has appointed Graham Mann as editor of Packaging Scotland, replacing the firm's group editor Mike Travers. He's eager to establish new contacts with any organisations/companies involved in the packaging industry particularly those operating or with an interest in the Scottish industry.

The website for Dream Creative Solution's Talk Business magazine is now live at The magazine's online presence continues on twitter at @talkbusinessmag and on its Facebook page.

British Baker, a magazine covering all aspects of the baking and snack food industry in the UK, has appointed Martyn Leek as Editor.

New Media Knowledge has moved offices. The new address is 35 Marylebone Road, room M103, London, NW1 5LS.

John Gale has left his role as Editor of IML Group's Electrical Products, HazardEx and Hazardous Area International. Managing Editor Russell Goater is currently looking after the editorial content of all magazines, until a new Editor is appointed.

International press
Hugo Leroux's position as journalist has been confirmed by Industrie et Technologies. He covers the Energy and Environment sections. Hugo Leroux was already working for the magazine on a fixed-term contract. Industrie et Technologies is a monthly magazine focusing on the use of technology in industry.

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