Ten magazine ads that could inspire changes in technical advertising

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Here at Stone Junction we have always recognised the importance of advertising, both as a way of supporting a vibrant trade press and generating business for the advertiser. So when we stumbled upon these very creative magazine adverts, we felt that they must be shared! 

Each of these adverts uses a different interactive and often metatextual way of creating a strong response. For instance one of the adverts uses a QR code that allows the print advert to audibly speak to the reader. 

Obviously, these adverts are intended for the consumer markets and they aim to dazzle the reader through the imaginative use of technology. But do you think these marketing techniques could find an application in technical advertising? We often see interactive advertising in page turning or online magazines, but is there the opportunity to replicate these consumer tactics in the engineering print media?

We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Karen said...

Love the idea of the Solar Power advert, very clever.

Richard Stone said...

I like it as well Karen - for me it's the one closest to the engineering world, in that it expresses a technical concept (solar power) through a creative medium (changing when you hold it up to the light).