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Aaron Blutstein
Here at Stone Junction we don’t usually promote products, courses or qualifications…if anything, so far we’ve only promoted good natured PR and biscuit consumption! But   recently we found a course truly worth attending, and as we think it would be very useful for our readership, here are the details below:

The Charted Institute of Marketing is offering a 1,5 hour course on how to get your message across. It is aimed at B2B marketers and PR people and the best thing about it is that you get an editor's view of the ideal press release.

Aaron Blutstein, editor of Plant and Works Engineering, will share practical thoughts on writing and issuing releases, making contact with journalists and what editors want from marketing and PR professionals to ensure regular editorial coverage.
This will be your opportunity to check out all the things you've ever wanted to know about PR from an editor's standpoint - including:

  • How journalists think and operate. 
  • Who does what on a trade magazine?  
  • The relationship between advertising and editorial. 
  •  The value to the reader of colour separations and editorial 'spotlights'.
  • What makes an editor decide to use or ditch a release?
  • Whether B2B readers are switching from print to online magazines. Whether online press coverage now surpasses print for value. Who puts the stories up - are they scrutinised in the same way as print. In addition, what makes editors more likely to publish embedded links online. 
  • Where journalists and editors look for stories online - and what editors would like marketers to do for them, company websites, blogs, and twitter.

Learn tips on writing the ideal press release:

  • What stories make a good release?
  • Crucial facts that should be in every release. 
  • Why it matters what your release looks like. 
  • How to tailor releases for print - local, national, consumer and trade - radio / TV and online media.
  • How it should be sent - by hand, post or e-mail? 
  • How often you should issue releases? 
  • The best time to issue it - and if there is ever a really good or bad time. 
  • The follow it up - to phone or not to phone? 
  • Photographs - whether they should go with the release.
In addition:
  • Trade shows: What you should put in your press pack. What editors want at a show.
  • How to get on to an editor's request list. 
  • Can you bribe an editor - even if it is only a lunch? 
  • Press conferences - old hat or still useful? 
  • Is there more to PR than just press releases? 
  • Why editors love marketing people.
For dates, prices and other logistic issues, log on to the Charted Institute of Marketing!

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