How to generate ideas for your engineering Blog

Generating ideas for your Blog
doesn't have to be difficult
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At Stone Junction we believe that blogging can be one of the best ways to generate thought leadership in your industry. However, we understand that many technical companies struggle to generate blog content.

This isn't necessarily because those companies lack something to say. Sometimes it's not even because they lack the writing skills or time to express themselves. Of course, if this is the case you can always get Stone Junction to help - give us a call on 01785 225413 to talk it over.

The most common reason why engineering companies don’t produce enough Blog content is that the company doesn't know what questions to ask in order to create a list of topics.

So, here's a few we prepared earlier:

• What questions do your customers ask? Answer one per post.

• What niche markets do you serve? How about a series of posts addressing the problems you solve in each sector?

• Do you know your ABC? Could you draft a series of Blog posts in which you explain your products or services using each letter as a way into the post?

• Do you need character? How about adopting a pseudonym with an entirely different personality for your Blog posts? The new character could be anyone from a young engineer learning his trade and explaining the results to your readers to a grumpy old man complaining about the industry.

• Do acronyms confuse you? They probably confuse your customers as well. A series of Blog posts differentiating ATEX from WEEE (or whatever the relevant subjects are in your industry) could be just what your customers are looking for.

Of course, if you are still stuck for ideas, just get in touch.

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