Google Related and how we think you can influence it

Google Related - still a puzzle for many
Google has launched a new tool called Google Related. This feature is a browser Extension that aims to suggest useful and interesting content while you browse the web. You can download it here

When you're surfing with Related, you'll often see a thin bar along the bottom of your screen that offers videos, maps, reviews and other content that's relevant to that page.

Needless to say, this new feature is going to influence the response visitors have to your Web site, as it is likely to appear at the bottom of the page when they are visiting it. The downside is that a visitor to your website may have a list of your competitors appearing at the bottom, suggested by Google related – and find their way from your site to the competitor’s site.

Google Related seems to suggest results based on your Google Maps, shopping, news, YouTube and Google Search results. Here at Stone Junction Towers, we wouldn’t be surprised to find more content appearing in the Google Related bar going forwards, particularly Blogger hosted Blogs and Google+ results.

Although the tool is relatively new, here is what we think you should do in order to influence it:

The first step should be to create Google maps for all of your businesses’ locations and optimise their content – if you haven’t done so already. For instance, if you have three different offices for you company and they are all listed, then you may be able to have the Google Map listing for your secondary and tertiary offices appear in the Google Related results that appear on your page. Optimisation in this context is about adding extra images and descriptive content and encouraging customers and other stakeholders to add reviews.

Another way in which you could get Google Related to pay more attention to your company is by uploading some YouTube videos. Apart from their unchallenged marketing benefits, videos also act as additional unique content with SEO benefits. I would suggest that these videos should be very clearly tagged using your URL and company name, so that Google Related will associate them with your Web site.

There is only really one thing you can do to improve the news and search results Google shows for your business and that’s increase the emphasis you place on technical PR and SEO. The former will improve your news listings and the latter, providing you have multiple Web properties may improve the search listings.

To generate results in the ‘shopping’ section of your site’s Google Related bar, you would need to provide goods for sale via the Google shopping channel, which means listing those goods on an optimised and submitted e-commerce page.

Because it is in its early stages, one can only speculate the true impact of Google Related and the algorithms behind it. However, making sure you add new and original content about your organization on sites other than your own (as well as your own, of course! - Ed) seems to be a constant in the continually changing world of SEO.

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