Why your teachers were right: always check your spelling

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Reading and writing are some of the first skills we learn in school and, in most office based jobs, we are expected to get better at them over time. But what happens when you allow your company to be represented on-line by someone who doesn’t have a strong grasp of more than the basic skills? The short answer is, it costs millions!

A recent BBC article discusses the ways in which poor spelling is costing on-line UK businesses millions of pounds in lost revenue. Although people tend to be more tolerant towards typos and misspellings on Twitter or Facebook, when it comes to web-sites, things are different. According to the BBC, e-commerce sites stand to lose traffic and see a decrease in the number of transactions if visitors see poor use of grammar.

William Dutton of the Oxford Internet Institute says that this happens because, “a consumer might be wary of spam or phishing efforts (and) a misspelled word could be a killer issue”.

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