Why your online footprint will mean you get fewer sales leads, but better ones

In our last two blog posts we have looked at the changing landscape of industrial buying. This trend means that a company’s audience will expect to receive the necessary information via a well optimised website, which leads to an equally interesting blog and interactive social media presence. They will look towards online media as well as print media, RSS feeds, e-mail and other content and, by the time they have finished, they will have enough information to know whether its worth enquiring. 

Although we have mentioned it time and time again, social media, Blogging and good content on your own Web site are key elements in taking advantage of this change in buying trends. As Twitter has just turned five, graduates who started using the channel in 2006, are now in their mid to late twenties and are rapidly turning into your target audience. The 'young folk who grew up on social media', that we've been talking about for a while now, represent an increasingly powerful buying force.

For this section of the public, if your business does not have a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile, or at the very least a well developed Web site with a Blog, it does not exist. This development has occurred quite rapidly and it marks a sea change in business to business relationships. For instance, take a look at this funny – yet true – video on the subject.

Managing your corporate reputation online is now a hugely important market challenge. Making sure your website is up to scratch will not only help you in Google social search or Panda, but it will also increase traffic and subsequent inquiries. In an age when the medium is the message, organizations can no longer afford to exist without these online channels.

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