Why Social Media PR is the kung fu of the marketing mix.

Kickstart your marketing campaign by using social media
“You can call it the art of fighting without fighting,” is how Bruce Lee described Kung Fu in the seminal 1973 martial arts film Enter the Dragon. To butcher a brilliant quote in the name of making a point, we believe that social media marketing is the art of marketing without marketing. 

Traditional strategic marketing methods tend to be slow, unwieldy beasts resistant to change and requiring huge amounts of planning to succeed. This can lead to difficulties when a corporate behemoth attempts to integrate social media into the marketing mix.

The trouble is, social media seems to conflict with the effort that goes into planning, planning and planning.

Listening, sharing, speaking and responding all take precedence over the broadcasting of news on social media, a technique which can seem counter-intuitive to an old style marketing expert.

Using social media requires a shift in mindset. The priority is to build an audience and interact with them first. Simply announcing a new product through a social network is a futile task if there is no-one to announce it to.
So, our tips on using social media successfully:

Firstly, listen. We cannot stress this enough. You are not building a database of potential clients. Think of it more as a group of people you are trying to help. Respond to them as much as you can.

For example, in the case of Twitter login and start tweeting. Talk about what your company is doing. Follow others with similar interests. Re-tweet things if you find them interesting, or if you think your followers will find them interesting. Reply to people if they talk to you. This is what we mean when we say help people. Listen to what someone is asking and respond to it.

Finally, marketing. Only once your audience is there can you think about self-promotion. Ideally this should be interactive marketing anyway, ask your audience what they think about a new product, or if improvements can be made on current ones. Ask them what they think about your customer service. Ask them how they think you can do more to improve your customer community.

And finally, when you’ve done all this, you can mention that you’ve got a new red widget. But, this isn’t the objective – the rest of the stuff is.

So, don’t delay – start practicing your kung fu.

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