What if the devil himself were in technical PR?

PR people - we aren't the devil incarnate
“Frankly I think if the Devil himself were to walk this earth, he'd need representation.” 
“If the Devil himself walked this earth, he'd surely be working in PR.”

This quote from the second episode of Torchwood series four; Miracle Day is an amusing but worrying indication of the longstanding view of PR in the media. More worrying is that this isn’t a recent trend; films such as the 2003’s What Woman Want and 2000’s Phonebooth also portray PR people in a less than favourable light.

So, the question is, why?

A survey we conducted earlier this year found that public recognition of prominent PR figures is extremely low. Two of the most recognized figures were Samantha Jones from Sex and the City and Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous fame. With the most prominent PR figures in media being caricatures at best, is it any wonder the industry as a whole has a bad image?

These media representations couldn’t be further from the truth with Truth here being the operative word; it should be at the heart of every PR campaign. Generally speaking honesty is the best policy and the one that gets you decent press coverage.  Being a Machiavellian, amoral villain won’t help your clients get in ink on paper. Which is why most of us folk in technical PR are actually pretty decent.

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