Free seminars - a handy instrument in your PR toolbox

Seminars - a great promotional tactic
Since recession hit a few years ago, many organizations had to use their creative flair and re-think their campaigns. Thus, a new PR tactic combining marketing, industry updates and networking over a chocolate biscuit has emerged – the free seminar.

As I am a rather inquisitive creature, I am attracted by any free educational opportunity (I think this also stems from me paying through the roof for my academic qualifications up until recently). All of the free seminars I have ever attended have proved worthwhile; many of them provided ‘food for thought’, as well as great business and networking opportunities.

Now think about your tech or engineering company. What better way to show the skills and in depth product knowledge of your staff, than letting them meet the customers face to face? When holding such a seminar you position your company as a leader in your industry sector, able to educate and provide others with information. Have a brainstorming session with your manufacturing team and see how you could benefit from sharing your organisation's ethos and knowledge with your target audience!

For a good example of how to organize such an event, head over to the Beacon International Centre in Stafford on July 7, 2011, 12-2pm for Haughton Design’s New Product Development - understanding the value of design.

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