Why you choose the quality of your media

Credits: Andy Newson
The trade media that us technical PR folk deal with is in a bit of a muddle – we all know that. Magazines are getting thinner, the number of pages devoted to colour separations and other forms of advertorial are increasing and magazines are closing regularly.

But the online press is in a great condition! Isn’t it?

Well, increasingly online titles are starting to charge for coverage as well. Google’s war on duplicate content is one factor that’s led us to this position. There is also the fact that online publications are intent on duplicating the advertising model they use off line. As a result, a lot of content which would make great editorial, such as video for instance, is often a charged for service.

So, we need to blame those dastardly publishing houses!

Well, maybe not. Maybe we have to blame ourselves. As Seth Godin pointed out the other day, we pay for our own news media. We pay with our advertising pound, we pay with our subscription fees and we pay with our attention.

If you don’t pay, the media you rely on will decrease in value. It's you that is choosing the quality of your trade media.

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