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Hi-jack PR; a bit like theft. Which is
what this photo represents. Simples.
Credit: Simon Howden
It’s reasonably common knowledge that technical PR people use major events to theme news around. In fact, in the run up to particularly large events journalists even start complaining about the practice. The lead up to recent royal wedding prompted more pieces of ‘royal wedding’ high-jack PR than you could shake a sceptre at.

However, it’s not just major national events that you can treat this way. Why not attempt to complement the product launches of a major business partner by issuing something that adds your own point of view to their launch? Clearly this will only work if the partner in question is a genuine global giant.

However, there are other events you could hijack in this way. How about an open letter about a trade show, issued a couple of months before the event?

What about issuing comment on the next set of manufacturing figures?

Are you a member of any industry bodies that notify you that they are going to issue press releases in advance?

 Are there are pieces of Government legislation forthcoming that you might be able to pass comment on.

There’s more to hijack PR than just issuing a royal wedding release once every two decades!

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Electronics PR

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