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Those of you are interested in the wider world of publishing, as well as the trade and technical media, will find this graph interesting, on The Media Blog. It shows the number of print readers, online readers and social media followers of each of the UK national newspapers where the data is available.

Compared to only studying circulations, this gives a fascinating insight into the real significance of the national press. The Daily Mail, for instance, dwarves the rest of the media with a total readership equivalent to The Times, The Daily Mirror and The Independent added together.

If you are interested in seeing the same exercise done for a particular sector of the UK trade media, let me know.

In the meantime, here are the technical media moves from this week:

IML has appointed Tim Fryer as editor of pfm (Premises & Facilities Management). Many of you will know Tim from his time on Electronics Manufacture & Test and Electronic Product Design also at IML. Paul Wolfe is now acting editor on those two titles.

Meanwhile, Lauren Ansell has been promoted to deputy editor of World Pipelines at Palladian Publications, where she used to be assistant editor of the same magazine.

Finally, Kevin Scott has been appointed Editor of CABLEtalk, the official journal of Electrical Contractors Association of Scotland.

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engineering PR

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