Google versus Facebook - A light wind in a teacup

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Technical PR news: Last week the news broke that Facebook has hired some shifty PR spin doctor types (actually highly respected PR consultancy Burson-Marsteller) to convince journalists that Google’s social circle suite represents a big security risk.

For the moment, let’s put aside the question of whether it is a misuse of personal date or not. Personally I don’t think it is.

Instead let’s focus on what a silly idea the whole PR campaign was in the instance. The strategy was to sidle up to journalists in a dark alley and say, “Psst...You know Google? They’re well dodgy mate. My client says so. Can I ghost-write a feature for you about it? No, I can’t tell you who the client is.”

This was never likely to provoke anything other than curiosity about the author of these underhand strategies.

As Lance Ulanoff wrote on PC Pro, “If you want to show how your competition is messing with privacy then highlight how your client is doing it better. Quietly contacting reporters as you try and prod them into covering something that isn't new or that big of a deal is just plain stupid.”

Anyway, we all make mistakes, etc. On to this week’s media moves:

As you know from last week’s post, Tom Shelley has retired from his full time role at Eureka. There’s a fascinating interview with him here.

While all this has been going on, The FT has appointed former aerospace correspondent Pilita Clark as environment correspondent. She replaces Fiona Harvey but a replacement aerospace correspondent has not been announced.

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