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The Apple logo has changed a
lot over the years Credit: Idea go
Logos have traditionally been used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Today, this type of visual introduction is central to any engineering and technical company’s image. However, while trying to be creative and sport a unique graphic symbol, countless organizations fall into the trap of using obscure and complicated metaphors. 
The logos of many famous and aged enterprises started out as simple, realistic representation of products or services. Shell is a case in point.

The passing of time, the influence of new wave aesthetics and changes in fashion have forced major brands to re-design their logo to reflect the changes. The Dutch oil giant is no exception and moving from a simple crustacean graphic to a more modern and minimalist look.

Apple is another example of how to make logos work for and not against your business. From a very dark lithography of Newton sitting under the apple tree, to the basic shape of the [for]bitten fruit, this logo has travelled a very long way.

For more interesting depictions of historical logos have a look at the Instant Shift website.  

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