How to create a daily publication from relevant Twitter posts Really very good indeed.
Did you know you can create a daily publication via Twitter, using only articles promoted by Twitter users that are relevant to your industry?

Using functionality provided by you can create a more easily readable 'view' of your Twitter stream that other people can view as well, if you choose to share it with them via Twitter. They can even subscribe to it and you can promote it using automated Tweets.

Here’s an example. This one uses the hash tag #engineering, which is ideal for an engineering communications agency like Stone Junction.

This 'view' looks and reads a lot like a newspaper. Crucially though, you are merely using a free software tool to reformat other people's content so it's easier to read, you aren't re-publishing it. If you were you would, of course, be in breach of copyright and image rights laws.

You can use this ‘Daily’ to increase your Tweeting frequency, by setting to tweet that the paper is out every day using your Twitter account. It will also encourage other Twitter users to follow you and increase the trust ranking of your Twitter account as measured by most of the publicly available tools.

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