What are you planning in 2011?

A picture that mentions both advertising and 2011 - neat But not technical PR sadly.
A picture that mentions both
advertising and 2011 - neat. 
Our friends over at BMON have recently conducted a survey of their readers, asking what their advertising plans are for 2011.

Before going on, I should mention that, although the survey included e-mail marketing as an option, it didn't cover things like technical PR, Blogging and social media activity. It was focused very much on 'above the line' activities, to apply a phrase which seems to have dropped out of common usage in the last few years. (This is probably because it's increasingly hard to tell where or what 'the line' is.)

The survey concluded that e-mail marketing and AdWords were the two biggest priorities for 2011. They both soared well over the heads of things like trade press advertising and exhibitions. I think its positive news that companies are choosing the kind of advertising that works well for them.

My one caveat would be that I know that many, many businesses would like a higher level of trade press and trade Web site exposure, as well as editorial coverage on Blogs.

Sadly, in order for these things to happen you also need to invest in advertising with the mediums that provide the coverage. I don't mean reciprocally of course, you don't have to 'buy' your coverage.  But if you, and everyone else, don't advertise somewhere then the editorial platforms will cease to exist. And I must stress, I don't just mean magazines, which is inevitable, I also mean the Web sites that give you those all important inbound links. You can only get so far with links from directories you know?

Chris Rand, the MD of BMON, makes a good point about this in the press release that accompanies his survey. He says he believes that paid for editorial has steadily eroded the credibility and effectiveness of the trade press over the last twenty years. Amen to that. It’s interesting to note that the number of colour separation requests I receive has decreased hugely in the last two or three years; it seems that publishers are getting the message. Either that or I just don't have a fax machine any more...

Anyway, rant over. You can read the BMON survey here and find out more about their AdWords management for industrial companies here. Both are very good indeed.  

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