The next step to improve your Twitter account

Using Twitter for B2B marketing
Twitter: Really quite useful. 
Hopefully you all took action last week based on three steps I recommended to help you improve your Twitter accounts. If you did, well done – let me know what signs of improvement you've seen in terms of number of followers, trust level and interaction.

A good next step would be to make it easier for you to use Twitter regularly. If you manage several Twitter accounts, the best way to do this would be to sign up to a service like Tweetdeck, so you can see them all in a single browser. However, you probably don’t want to have to open Tweetdeck or visit Twitter several times a day to see if anyone has responded to your Tweets.

Instead, you can use Twply to forward any @ messages you get on Twitter directly to your inbox, irrespective of e-mail client. It’s incredibly easy to use, you just sign in, create an account and give it your e-mail address. They will send you a marketing message once in a blue moon, but that’s a small price to pay for the functionality.

So, if you haven’t already taken action based on last week’s recommendations, do so now. And then add Twiply to your to do list.

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