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Podcasting for technical companies
Five or six years ago the PR industry was very excited about Podcasting. We were certain that by 2010 no one would be reading magazines anymore and instead we would be consuming all of our media via headphones inserted into the, then ultra new and fashionable, iPod.

But what’s happened in the interim? We still read magazines and newspapers, although electronics media is now genuinely of equal if not greater importance.

And Podcasting? Well, surprisingly it’s flourished. There are plenty of Podcasts out there now with listenerships well in excess of the circulation of a typical trade magazine. And that’s just counting genuine Podcasts, rather than radio shows re-purposed and made available over iTunes.

So, where does one start? Probably a good place would be, as with most things in business, by listening. Here’s my simple guide to the five best Podcasts for marketing folk:

The Internet Business Podcast: 17,000 listeners consume Andy Newman and Kelvin Newman’s advice on internet marketing, from social media to pay per click every week. Funny, relaxed and well worth a listen.
Inside PR: Perspectives on PR from Canada; essential listening.

The Digital Marketing Podcast: Monthly marketing tips from CIM course director Daniel Rowles and co-host Ciaron Rogers.

Okay, well that’s great. But no one is Podcasting about engineering are they? Oh yes they are:

The Engineering Automation Forum: Examines how companies can extract additional value form their process automation and manufacturing automation systems. Hosted by Stephen Ballard and Chris Lyden.

Gary Mintchell’s Automation Minutes: Factory automation information brought to you by’s editor.

Pinto Podcasts: Automation and technology futures from respected scribe Jim Pinto.

So, head over to iTunes and try and find something that will benefit your business. Then, when you’re done, think about how many of your customers own iPods and listen to them regularly.

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Richard Stone - Stone Junction

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.


Anonymous said...

should there be links to where you can hear them?

Richard Stone - Stone Junction said...

Ah, that's the beauty of the Podcast. Just search for them by name in the iTunes store Podcast section and then click 'subscribe' or play. They are all free.

Play will let you listen to them there and then on your PC, subscribe will add the latest episode to your library.

I like to listen to Podcasts on my iPod while walking the dog ;-)

Anonymous said...

should there be links to where you can hear them?