Why do engineering product names make no sense?

From a technical PR point of view, even naming your product cougar would be better than calling it LKT47-R/P123I was really tempted not to write this Blog today. You know why? I was desperate to go out and buy an LKT47-R/P123. I just love those LKT47-R/P123s; can’t get enough of ‘em.

Actually no, that’s not right. I didn’t want to go and buy an LKT47-R/P123; mainly because that’s a random series of letters and numbers I invented to satirise the catalogue number approach to product names that most engineering firms take.

You see, no one wants to buy an LKT47-R/P123; no matter what it is. It could be a panacea for all ills and people would still struggle to really want one. They would struggle to aspire to owning one, to really desire it, to really get motivated to go out and get one.

Even if someone does want one, they can’t put the name into a search engine unless they already know they part number (and if that’s the case they probably already have a datasheet or brochure in front of them).

You will also struggle to inspire them to buy your product using press coverage, advertising or other influential media. You see, you read an article about the LKT47-R/P123 go away and think about it and then try and find it on Google the next day and all you can find is the product category. So you might buy an LKT47-R/P123 from the people who make LKT47-R/P123 or you might buy a similar product from someone else.

So what’s the bottom line? LKT47-R/P123 and other catalogue based names aren’t a great idea. You don’t need to go as far as naming your range of products the panther, the cougar and the lion (unless you want to) but you can be inventive. There’s no law against it and there is a law in favour – logic.

PS – Just in case you’ve been wondering why this Blog hasn’t been updated recently, I’ve been on paternity leave. My son Oscar was born on September 17, weighing 7lbs 9oz.

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