The constantly revolving world of the media

Industrial PR and the constantly revolving world of the media - see what I did there? It's a spinning world? See?The constantly revolving world of the media has continued to constantly revolve this week, with changes in the electrical, HV&C and medical press. Phew, it’s tough for a technical PR agency to keep up!

Russell Goater and Amy Willoughby are the new team on Electrical Products now that Suzanne Gill has moved over to Control Engineering magazine.
Meanwhile, HVR, a magazine focusing on the commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilating market, has seen Editor Paul Braithwaite leave and Ian Vallely take over.

Finally, Regulatory Affairs Journal - Devices has changed its name to Regulatory Affairs Medtech and Regulatory Affairs Journal - Pharma has changed its name to plain old Regulatory Affairs Pharma. Both are published by Informa Healthcare.

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