is very useful for writing press releases. No, really.

A screen grab from - a lot to do with industrial PR.Today I’m not going to point you towards a specifically marketing focussed resource but rather a resource that I know industrial marketing and technical PR folk often look for.

The Web site in question is called and you can use it to find statistics on the amount of people in any given country, the amount of CO2 emitted in that country every minute and the amount of CO2 emitted per year, per person in any given country.

So, next time you are looking to benchmark the energy efficiency of a new product against something easily understood, BreathingEarth can help. Great for those 'our product saves enough energy to power a football ground every year' type stories.

By the way, on a sobering note, BreathingEarth tells me that since I started writing this post 1040 people have been born in the world but only 349 have died.

Richard Stone - Stone Junction

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