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technical PR, engineering PR, manufacturing PR, industrial PR, electronics PR As I mentioned yesterday, this week has seen a truly seismic event for SEOs and technical PR people concerned with online media. Google Instant (see yesterday’s post) has really turned the world upside down and even prompted some people to ask, ‘is SEO dead’.

Mind you, I have a set of article ideas that I apply for clients during slow news periods and one of my stock concepts is asking ‘is XXX dead?’ In fact, if I had a pound for every time I’d read an article asking if a particular industry was dead I wouldn’t be writing this Blog. I’d be sat on a private beach somewhere with Mrs Insights into PR and Marketing and Baby Insights into PR and Marketing relaxing and sipping alcoholic beverages.

So, don’t panic. Nothing is dead. But I would like to add an addendum to my comments yesterday on long and short tail search terms. It might now be possible to convince users to opt for different long tail search terms from the ones they had planned.

So, let’s say someone starts out looking for ‘industrial computers - reliable, don’t crash’. By the time they’ve typed, say ‘industrial computers – rel’ they’ve got a set of search results. By anticipating this, using the data fed back from your analytics package, you could optimise for that term. Of course, you would need to invent a way of using the syllable ‘rel’ as a word; perhaps by integrating it into a product name for instance.

Anyway, enough Google babble, on to the media moves. It is Friday after all:

Martyn Wingrove’s is leaving Lloyd’s List today; it’s not yet known who the new energy editor will be.

One editorial position that is clear is at Ocean Media's Build It magazine, which has promoted Anna-Marie DeSouza from deputy editor to editor, replacing Duncan Hayes. Congratulations Anna-Maria!

On the professional Blogging front, freelance scribe Adrian Bridgwater has started a second daily news blog with Computer Weekly called the Computer Weekly Developer Network (CWDN). This one will examine issues relating to proprietary software development.

Meanwhile, Metropolis has purchased Packaging News and AV magazine from Haymarket Media. The whole team will now have to move to Croydon, poor souls. Still, the transport links are good...

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