Handling media interviews part three – what to do after the interview

This is what you will look like if you don't handle your technical PR media interview correctly! Once your media interview is over you can relax right? Well not quite; the chances are you have made a promise that will need to be kept at some stage and now is the time to live up to those promises.

Run through a checklist in your head. Did you deflect a difficult question by promising a follow up interview with someone else? Well, you now need to arrange that interview; it was a promise after all.

Did you promise to provide anything in writing; a contributed feature article, some graphs, statistics, case studies, photographs, diagrams or illustrations? Now is the time to send these on or commission their creation if they don’t already exist. And make sure you create them quickly before the opportunity is forgotten.

Finally, an e-mail of thanks never goes amiss. You can confirm any material you have promised to provide in this e-mail and tell the journalist when they will receive it.
Then you can relax.

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Richard Stone - Stone Junction

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