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Using LinkedIn for Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR & Electronics PRI don’t normally promote free guides and white papers on this site – mainly because the term is so grossly over used these days and most of them are basically brochures. But today I’ve come across one which is genuinely packed with content. The guide in question is HR Recruitment Solutions’ LinkedIn Guide.

This handy .PDF is packed with interesting things you can do with LinkedIn, particularly some of the functionality that isn’t obvious at first glance. It can be obtained free by e-mailing a chap called Steve Smithson on

As far as I’m aware HR Recruitment Solutions’ don’t offer any kind of LinkedIn services other than recruitment – so I don’t think you will be bombarded with SPAM if you do request it!

Finally, thanks to reader Andy Crawford from Quickbooks Accountants for making me aware of the guide.

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