Three things to do to get your PR campaign back on track

A Spin Doctor mug, buy one for your friendly Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR & Electronics PR guy.Following yesterday’s post on the fundamentals of Blog SEO, today I’m focussing on three essentials to kick start your engineering PR campaign.

I believe that too many companies begin issuing press material without fully thinking through these fundamental issues. The end result is often a little bit disjointed and ad-hoc; not quite as interesting to journalists as it could be. So here goes:

1, Get your cornerstone message right: This should be the key note that is inherent in the material you issue to the press. You can read more about cornerstone messages here.

2, Build your magic circle: Choose five publications or Web sites to focus on as a priority. Don’t disregard all the other magazines and sites, because they may well surprise you. Just address these five as a priority.

3, Decide what is worth publishing: Hold a brainstorming session and produce a list of everything that is interesting about your company. This could be news, strongly held and unusual opinions, case studies or people who might make good spokesmen to put in front of the press. When you have this list you can begin translating the ideas into tactics and building the tactics into a campaign plan.

Once you’ve achieved these three objectives, you can start actually communicating with the press. Of course, if it all seems a little bit much for you, feel free to contact Stone Junction.

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