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Facebook has lots of uses in Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR & Electronics PR campaigns. The Internet wars have continued to rage this month between Facebook and Google. Facebook has completely rebuilt it’s ‘like’ and ‘fan’ systems to allow its pernicious influence to spread across the entire InterSuperHighway. Meanwhile Google has re-designed its search results page and adapted its algorithm.

I’ll be having a look at the impacts of Google’s changes on your technical PR campaign over the next couple of weeks. But today I thought I would show you a really simple way to take advantage of Facebook’s new ‘like’ system.

But first, for those of you who aren’t Facebook savvy, an explanation. Historically, when a business created a page on Facebook, friends and followers of that business were able to become a ‘fan’ of the page. However, Facebook felt that the rate at which people did this was artificially low; because it was seen as somehow too permanent. So they introduced the new ‘like’ system, which they believe will seem like less of a commitment than the ‘fan’ mechanism.

In addition, they have provided access to the button so that you can install it in your own Web site or Blog, allowing your visitors to ‘like’ the page without visiting Facebook.

The benefit of this is twofold. First, the content that your visitors ‘like’ will be displayed to their friends on Facebook, increasing your traffic. Second, Google is planning a change that will recognise the amount of social sharing that occurs on a page and incorporate that into its search results.

Okay, enough theory - how do you do it?

Facebook allows you to generate the code required to add a button to your site here. It’s as easy as filling in the blanks. Once this is done, you then have to install it on your Blog.

There are lots of tutorials available on line about how to do this by editing the HTML of your page. However, because the template of every Blog is different it isn’t easy to find the best place to install the code. As a result, each tutorial only really tells you how to install the code on the template used by the author.

But there is an easier way. Navigate to the settings tab in Blogger, then the formatting sub-tab within that section. Near the bottom of the page, there is a box called ‘post template’. All you have to do is paste the code you generated on Facebook into this box and the ‘like’ button will then appear beneath every new post you create. I found that I wanted to change the height of the button to improve the aesthetics of each post (which you can do by just changing the number after the phrase ‘height=’ in the code) but other than this minor issue, it really is that simple.

Once you’ve done this, you too can spread your own pernicious influence across the InterSuperHighway. Which I’m sure everyone will ‘like’.

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