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A Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR and Electronics PR reading list. Didn't have to struggle to get the key words into this ALT attribute. Good.I often get asked how I find the time to write this blog every day. The answer is that I don’t spend anything more than around thirty minutes a day producing each post. The key to keeping writing time short is to follow Jane Austen’s edict and ‘write about what you know’. Another great way to do it is to be inspired.

Of course, inspiration doesn’t just come. You can’t find it by gazing out of the window. However, you can find it by feeding yourself with the right kind of material. I do this by reading a lot about my industry; online and in print.

A great source of online information about PR is My Ragan; a social networking tool created by a stateside PR agency some years ago. It’s populated with user generated content on a whole range of PR issues; from photography to whether or not Tiger Woods is handling his comeback well. If you are more of a connoisseur of the printed word, two PR classics are Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout and Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. Let me know if you have any classics you would like to recommend.

And my final tip for finding time to write something every day? Keep it short. You only need about 250 words for the page to be indexed effectively by Google. Most people could produce that in about ten minutes - if they stick to my first two rules. Finally, just for reference, this post took sixteen minutes to write and upload!

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Richard Stone - Stone Junction

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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