I read the The Daily Guardian Times – what about you?

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRI once managed a survey of visitors to a major UK engineering trade show, which asked them what their favourite engineering magazine was and how important they considered it. Nearly 80% of readers said they thought reading a trade magazine was an important part of their job. But, when it came to naming their favourite magazine quite a few of those respondents got confused and combined the titles of a number of publications. One visitor said he enjoyed British Plastics and Rubber Weekly (a combination of British Plastics and Rubber and Plastics and Rubber Weekly). Another claimed to be a reader of OEM Design, Products & Applications; a combination of OEM Design (now called Design Solutions) and Design, Products & Applications magazines.

I’m not telling you this just because it’s funny though. I’m telling you because it illustrates something fundamental about trade magazines. In many cases, people consider the content to be important but the brand to be less important. They pay attention to what they read, but not always what they are reading it in. This means it’s even more crucial to ensure that your cornerstone message is compelling and consistent – otherwise it may never get through.

But, on to this week’s media moves; after all, it wouldn’t be Friday without them.

Editor Tristan Honeywill has left Automotive Engineer, with no replacement. Editorial Director John Pullin will be the main contact for the magazine until a new Editor joins. Meanwhile, on 1st April Eleanor Keymer is to join international defence magazine Jane's Defence Weekly as Features Editor.

Pete Marsden, previously Vice President of IT and Networks at Orange, has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer for BBC Worldwide. Pete will be responsible for overseeing all areas of technology development and will report to Chief Operating Officer Sarah Cooper.

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