The cornerstone message in engineering PR

This is an actual cornerstone from a Church - Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRYesterday I briefly mentioned using the concept of a cornerstone message as part of planned engineering PR campaign. A cornerstone can help you step through the dark and enveloping curtain of today’s media and reach your audience. It’s a messaging concept that remains valid whether your medium is online media, print magazines, social media or all three.

But what is a cornerstone message? Is this something that replaces your advertising strap line? Is it a substitute for your logotype or SEO key words? Well, thankfully it isn’t any of those things; it’s much more subtle. Your cornerstone message is something that should resonate through all you PR material. It shouldn’t be obvious and it’s definitely not the three word description your PR agency might want to insert after every use of name.

It should be the first thing you remember about the brand that was the subject of an article you read yesterday or a couple of days ago. In fact, if you think of any major brand with an established PR campaign, you can probably pick out a fairly accurate cornerstone message for it.

In the electrical industry, to choose a technical sector at random, ABB seems to be using preparation for ‘the future’ as its cornerstone at the moment while Eland, the cable supplier, seems to be focussed on ‘difference’. For Cressall Resistors the cornerstone is a very clear ‘trust’.

So, if you don’t have a cornerstone in place yet it’s something you should address. After all, you do care about how your customer remembers you, don’t you?

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