Technical PR movers – February 19, 2010

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRAnother week in journalism has been dominated by a major publication going out of business. This week it was the often derided Reader’s Digest. While there seems to be a trend in print publishing towards magazines going to the wall at the moment, I really don’t think this is a harbinger of the end of publishing as we know it. It’s just a natural and very unfortunate consequence of the recession. There are mountains of Web publications that have closed down as well; they just don’t get the same attention when it happens.

Some magazines that haven’t closed down this week include Mining Journal, Exploration & Production: The Oil and Gas Review and the Meat Trades Journal. Instead, they’ve all made changes in their organisation. (Do you see the subtle link there? I should be on the radio.)

Mining Journal has recruited Bean Creagh from Macmahon Holdings in Western Australia where he worked as a Communications Advisor. Meanwhile, Touch Briefing’s Exploration & Production: The Oil and Gas Review has moved offices to Kirby Street in central London. Finally, Caterer and Hotelkeeper’s James Aufenast has joined the Meat Trades Journal team as Features Editor.

Speaking of moving office, Stone Junction will be relocating from Sydenham in South London to Stafford, in the Midlands, next Friday. It's all go in the technical PR world you know? As a result, there won’t be any technical PR moves next week – instead I will produce a bumper edition on Friday March, 5. I’m looking forward to it already.

Before I sign off, I thought I would award an honorable mention to an engineering media site that I’ve noticed optimises the releases it posts particularly well. The Daily Engineer has a first class submission page for PROs, which asks questions such as ‘What would you expect people to enter into Google to find this news item?’ Following on from yesterday’s post on what clients want from the sites that publish their news, it’s really good to see a site focused on being found in search.

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